April is National Reentry Awareness Month, also known as Second Chance Month. The nationwide effort is led by Prison Fellowship – a Christian justice reform nonprofit organization for prisoners, former prisoners, and their families. The Second Chance Act was signed and passed in April 2008 by former President George W. Bush. The legislation grants state, local, and tribal governments and nonprofit organizations to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for people returning from incarceration. 

In December 2018, former President Donald Trump enacted the First Step Act of 2018. The legislation reauthorizes the Second Chance Act and works to adjust sentencing laws and decrease the federal inmate population. Since the original passing, more than a decade ago, the Second Chance Act has funded programs and served an estimated 164,000 people. 

To show our support and raise awareness of a criminal conviction’s collateral consequences, WIN Recovery will be providing an educational series addressing the challenges, struggles, and general information of justice-involved people. This month, we ask you, whether you are justice-involved or not, to reflect on what reentry means to you.